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Your smartphone is now an invaluable clinical tool. Use Mobius Clinic to automate vital sign collection, effectively communicate with your staff and patients, and much more.

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When you use Mobius Clinic,
you have instant access to what you need. 

Automatic Vitals

Data collected by physiological monitors instantly appear in the patient’s electronic chart including: Blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse oximetry, & more. Manual entry of height, allergies, medications, and problem lists is supported.

Photos & Video

Document the healing process by taking pictures within the app and add captions as you need them. The images then get saved directly to the patient's chart, and can be referenced any time.

Patient Preview

Quickly see just the information need before seeing the patient. Access a list of past appointments with Chief Complaints, Diagnoses, and Images at your fingertips.

Location Awareness

Walking into an exam room automatically loads the patient's chart. Don't worry about typing the patient's name or date of birth in an effort to find your patient.

Task Management

Staff share practice-wide to-do lists for each patient. With efficient task management, patients complete their visit with all external appointments scheduled, prescriptions written, labs requested, follow-up visits coordinated, etc.


Page your team members quickly and easily from the app. They'll get an alert in Mobius telling them your location.

Available Now

Dictate using your phone, and the data appears in the EMR with just one tap.

Easy Telemedicine
Coming Soon

Add secure video appointments, messaging, scheduling, and remote vital sign collection to your practice to meet the demands of today’s changing healthcare climate. More details coming soon!

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