Mobius Capture – Mobius MD – Modern Medicine

Capture key images from PACS straight to the patient chart.

Whether it’s from a PACS or from a smartphone camera, Mobius transmits selected imagery directly to the EMR.

Start Using Mobius Capture Now

Available for all Mobius Clinic accounts: Save images from any PACs straight to your patients' charts.

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Mobius Capture works with images from MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans, and more. If you want an image saved to the patient's chart, just use Mobius Capture.

Patient Name Recognition

Our proprietary software makes it possible for us to recognize which patient you are viewing, making it even faster to save it to their chart.

Smartphone images

If you receive a message or image on your smartphone, the Mobius Capture extension can be quickly used to get the data where it needs to go.

Add Captions

You can also now add quick notes to be stored along with the images you select.

Electronic Lab Results

Save lab results to the patient's chart without transcribing any of the data.

Windows & PC Compatible

Mobius Capture works on both Windows and Mac desktops.