About Us – Mobius MD – Modern Medicine

About Us

The Company

Mobius develops mobile apps to address modern healthcare needs.

With backgrounds in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, psychology, user interfaces, medical practice processes, and advanced business knowledge, we create mobile apps that address a variety of clinical needs.

How We Work

A quick summary of our approach and methodology:

Doctor Directed

Our development team works closely with practicing medical providers at their offices. We listen to their concerns, propose solutions, and revise the technology accordingly.

Must be Easy to Use

Medical providers have even less time than most to spend learning new technology. We respect your time and design each of our apps specifically for ease-of-use in medical settings.

Secure & HiPAA Compliant

Security is the most important focus for our development team in making modern technology available for medicine. Your data is always safe with our apps without any extra effort on the part of the user.

Collaborators & Partners